Monday, July 2, 2012

Update on cloth diapering a newborn

So miss Mollie will be four weeks old tomorrow and we are still doing great at not using sposie diapers, I have found that i wish i had more thirsties duo's in my stash , they seem to hold in the breastfed poopies the best and are the least bulky.second would be my fuzzi bunz size small cause of the lack of bulk i LOVE the rumparooz but they are SO bulky she looks like she belong on the "i like big butts video.' I have to do laundry everyday cause i have such a small stash of nb diapers i have snapped down a few bg 4.o's but they leak if she goes alot cause her little legs are so small and the xs ad small thirties covers wont go over them. I like the thirsties covers with flip inserts but when she poops she always gets it on the cover so i can never get more than one use outta them before they end up in my wetbag. Thank goodness for my planet wise wet bag i have one small and two large and i love them, I have been tossing my diapers, cloth nursing pads and the washcloths i use as wipes all in the same load of laundry. It works well .