Monday, November 28, 2011

about us

we are a blended family making memories together there is daddy A, Mommy S, Boy D.A girl T.S, Boy L.A, Boy G.S and girl E.A they are 7,5,5,3, and 1 OH ya BABY A on the way!!! yes that makes five plus one more real soon. ( well in may2012). we have been a family for almost a year, he has two boys i have two girls and a boy and we will soon be blessed with our first together but #6 total..are we crazy ..maybe but we love our life. daddy and mommy and boy d.a like to coon hunt, we have 8 coon dogs, mommy and little E.A or the queen diva as she is known to us does pagants. Daddy works for a excavation company and I the mommy stay home, all but the baby go to school . Boy G.S. has mild autism and is special needs but So sweet. Him and boy L.A like to tear up everything they touch . they are known as TEAM DESTRUCTO...boy D..A is a great helper and is quiet, where as Girl T.S. or M.S is know as mouth of the south.. she talks CONSTANTLY!!! drives us NUTS..but we love them all and each one is a blessing. I am starting this blog to keep track of all the crazy , funny adventures we go on .